Sugar CRM

SugarCRM Customization


What is SugarCRM ?


SugarCRM can be a top business open source CRM Package which brings good CRM features to medium and small companies at the inexpensive price. The opensource variety arrives at no products cost where by the saleable form of the answer arrives in a really low cost. SugarCRM offers highest flexibleness with regard to hosting options and offers that you completely powered CRM Software to fuel your company growth.

Why Customize SugarCRM ?


SugarCRM is produced for a normal business using the salesforce automation and after sales requirements. Therefore if you are applying SugarCRM at the organization you will be able to utilize 60-70% of out of box features as is. For the remainder of the necessities, you should customize the SugarCRM to satisfy your company needs.


It is strongly suggested to perform SugarCRM Customization before the utilizing it for the business. Following will be the key factors

  • Greater user adoptation on the application.
  • Stronger ROI from the system
  • Greater Automation and keeping of manual work.


Types of Customization.SugarCRM Customization drops in to one the below categories


  • Enhancing existing modules – Including fields or business logic from the regular SugarCRM modules to catch the data needed by the company.
  • Custom Module Development – You might have a company which can be common for your business. This can needs to be developed from begin. It might be also needed to url that new module for other regular / custom module of SugarCRM.
  • Integration – SugarCRM software may have to be integrated for other software like ERP , Accounting, E-Commerce , VOIP etc such that SugarCRM can talk effortlessly to those software and fetch / provide data for them.
  • Workflows / Automation – You are determine method automation by developing system tests to send Email reminders on particular business activities or using a schedule. This can be the core of CRM which provides maximum benefit for the company.
  • Report / Dashboards – SugarCRM provides inbuilt reports and dashboards. However, you may need new reports or dashboards to be developed. This is for new data that the organization may need or a structure that is different from regular SugarCRM representation.


We hope that we were capable to run you from the advantages of SugarCRM and why you should customize the software to fulfill your company requirements. We also hope you by going through the below links you will be able to see SugarCRM by yourself and come out with which high customizations you might need to fulfill your company requirements.